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Huawei USB modem BM325 is a WiMAX 16e USB Modem specifically for users of laptop. The BM325 is designed in compliance with IEEE802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX specifications. The BM325 delivers an access rate up to 15Mbps downlink and 5Mbps uplink on WiMAX network.

With a WiMAX BM325, you can enjoy the surfing anywhere at any time. In the service areas, the BM325 may access the Internet over the network to transfer and download files or data. You can also browse web-site, send and receive emails.

Additionally, the BWA Partner of the BM325 provides a friendly interface to configure Bandwidth, Frequency, Security, Switching user and language, and view information etc. Therefore, the BM325 delivers wireless freedom and creates a new experience in mobile life.

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Model Nome Versão Data de Publicação  
BM325 BM325 WiMAX USB Modem Quick Start BM325 WiMAX USB Modem Quick Start  2010-09-19 432KB
BM325 BM325 WiMAX USB Modem Online Help BM325 WiMAX USB Modem Online Help  2010-09-19 216KB
BM325 WiMAX USB Modem BM325 Online Help WiMAX USB Modem BM325 Online Help  2009-11-13 251KB
BM325 WiMAX USB Modem BM325 Quick Start WiMAX USB Modem BM325 Quick Start  2009-10-21 605KB
BM325 BM325 Online Help BM325 Online Help  2009-08-25 163KB

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