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ViewPoint 9030

The ViewPoint 9030 is a detached economic high-definition (HD) group videoconferencing endpoint that supports H.264 encoding technology, broadband audio AAC-LD, and clear dual-stream content sharing, and supports the conference bandwidth 64Kbps~2Mbps. With these cutting edge technologies, the ViewPoint 9030 provides you with 720p HD video and high-fidelity (hi-fi) audio.
Near HD Video, Clear Audio and Content
  • The ViewPoint 9030 supports the H.264 video protocol and 720p HD Video at the frame rate of 30 fps.
  • The ViewPoint 9030 supports broadband audio AAC-LD,.
  • The ViewPoint 9030 supports H.239 intelligent dual stream at 1280*1024 resolution.
Excellent Network Adaptability and Security
  • With the super error concealment (SEC) technology, the ViewPoint 9030 can produces good video quality even when the packet loss ratio reaches up to 5%.
  • By the intelligent rate control (IRC) technology, it can detect the current network bandwidth and automatically adjust itself to deliver the best conference quality.
  • With Super Network Passport (SNP) technology, the ViewPoint 9030 can realize the firewall traversal between different networks.
Excellent Network Adaptability and Security
  • The ViewPoint 9030provides the E1 + IP and E1 + E1 line backup functions.
  • The ViewPoint 9030 provides multiple security measures, including the H.235 signaling and media stream encryption, AES/DES media stream encryption, GK registration password authentication, and conference control password to ensure security of the conference.

  • Especificações Técnicas

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Main features
  • Local and remote loopback
  • Test signals: providing test sound and standard test stripes
  • Volume input indication
  • IP network test
  • Telnet: command line mode; providing user-level and administrator-level login accounts
  • Local and remote software upgrades
  • Embedded Web server, GUI interface
  • Indication for network package loss
  • Event log record
  • Default settings restoration
  • H.239 dual stream
  • HD desktop display
  • HD video
  • Power-on picture
  • Picture-in-picture: 1/16 picture size, optional position
  • 16:9 and 4:3 mixed display
  • Split output: Bi-screen and tri-screen display
  • Active caption
  • Group function
  • SiteCall (HD dual stream)
  • Call record
  • Network address book
  • SNP traversal between the public network and private network
  • Intelligent rate control (IRC)
  • Super error concealment (SEC)

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